Turn Key Test Solutions

Alfa Test is providing a full range of test solution from data preparation to full turnkey solution and the complete project management needed for complex applications.

We are offering:

  • Inspection – from full 3D AOI and AXI solution in line or off-line to laboratory inspection 2D or CT equipment;
  • Flying Probe Test – bare board testing or fully populated boards, with power on test / functional test and optical inspections ;
  • In Circuit Test – complete ICT solution including on request in circuit device programming, LED tests, cluster tests, Boundary Scan and functional test sequences;
  • A wide range of Functional Test solutions
  • Automation using collaborative robots or in-line solutions

On request, each test solution will be delivered with a minimum debug or with complete gauge repeatability and reproducibility analyses on a pre-defined lot of PCBs.

Together with each solution a set of detailed documentation will be delivery that will allow the customers test engineers better understand of the tests performed and later duplication of the solution if needed. Full coverage and testability reports are included in the documentation.

All test solutions that we are developing are optimized for usage of minimum hardware resources , therefore we help you to keep the investment in additional hardware at the lowest cost.

For fixtures, adapters and interfaces we have several preferred companies we are dealing with, or we can work with your preferred suppliers.