Trainings & Workshops

Alfa Test is organizing trainings and workshops for a wide range of trainings and workshops not only for our supported products, but for a wide range of testing topics.

We are offering standard or customized for the customer needs trainings for:

  • All range of Teradyne ICT, trainings for troubleshooting and programming;
  • Takaya Flying Probe troubleshooting, programming and enhancement;
  • XJTAG Boundary Scan test development
  • Mirtec AOI, troubleshooting and programming;
  • General Electric X-Ray inspection including Computer Tomography;
  • TestExpert – NPI Test Software;
  • TestWay Express and QuadView;
  • Test Strategy and Design for Testability seminars.
  • Universal Robots Basic User Training

The trainings can be held in Alfa Test demo room or on customer site. These trainings can be based on our own prepared tutorials using the Alfa Test Demo Board. Alternatively we can offer tailored trainings on each customers need and using customer.

For the trainings and technical demonstrations, Alfa Test has developed a Demo Board, special designed to be used for:

  • Data preparation, coverage estimations and DFT;
  • Test program development and debug for AOI, X-Ray, ICT, FPT and BST;
  • Functional Test development;
  • Device programming in circuit;
  • Robots applications.