Test Strategy

By covering a wide range of expertise for Test and Inspection processes, Alfa Test is providing consultancy for the companies that want to define the right Test Strategy.

The Test Strategy of an electronic manufacturing process includes both technical and financial aspects. The goal of a specific Test Strategy is to achieve effectiveness in detecting the faults with at an affordable cost.

In defining a Test Strategy, a group of elements must be considered: from the manufacturing company characteristics, including personal skills, equipment availability and capabilities, internal standards and rules, to the product design, market segment, the end user expectation, the technologies trends and more others.

From the early phases of a project we can offer you consultancy in selecting the best Test Strategy for your products manufacturing process. We are able to run simulations (using Test Way Express) and provide you solutions to obtain the desired test and inspection coverage in the most optimum way.

By combining different scenarios of test plans , we eliminate redundant test and inspection steps without loosing effectiveness Balancing the testing and inspection times, we identify the optimum model for each test and inspection equipment. Therefore we are able to provide the right support, the documentation, the test solution and the project management, needed to select the best test strategy and the right test and inspection tools.