Test Process Improvement

Our customers can benefit from the Alfa Test expertise in Test Engineering in order to improve their Test Processes. We are able to provide all range of support activities from phone-support to on site presence.

We are able to transform your test and inspection processes from a non value add to an effective process, by placing the right tester, running the right test routines in the right location in your production flow.

During workshops and training our goal is to improve your Test personnel skills for a more effectiveness  usage of your Test Equipments, in order to reduce the Test time and to increase Test coverage.

By helping to identify your test process problems, you will benefit at the end from less repairs, higher manufacturing yields and fewer breakdowns of your test equipments. Having the right methods to extract the right information from your test and inspection equipments your debug/repair personnel will be able to better understand the boards defects, decrease the debug/repair loops and at the end reduce your bone-pile.

Using an ASTER TECHNOLOGIES dedicated software TestWay Express, we compare the real coverage of your test equipment with the standard theoretical model for different categories of testers (e.g. AOI, AXI, ICT, FPT, BST, etc). As a result, we are able to perform analyses on your test programs, identify the escapes and increase the efficiency.

Balancing the test steps on different test and inspection stage and eliminating the redundant test and inspection steps will result in a better utilization of your assets.