DFT – Design for Testability

Alfa Test has the right tools and expertise to provide you with Design For Testability analysis for your products.

Design for Testability represents a set of rules that needs to be follow when designing electronic board to get a good testability with Automatic Test Equipments. If one or more of these rules are not respected, the testability of the boards decrease, the testing effectiveness will decrease, controlling of the manufacturing processes will become more difficult, more of your bad products can be received by your customers and the list of disadvantages can continue.

From the early stages of a PCB life cycle to a mature project we can check how suitable is your product for In Circuit or Boundary Scan Testing. We can also identify if any design errors might not allow performing some specific tests or tasks (as device programming) to your Unit Under Test.

These analyses are performed using Test Way, an ASTER TECHNOLOGIES advanced software. Therefore detailed analyses for different test strategies can be performed. Running various simulations will help identifying the weak points of the board design, even before the first PCB or even the CAD are ready for production and also have estimation for manufacturing yield, test processes cost, etc.

Later on, theoretical model can be compared with the real testability achieved and improvement can be implemented to cover the eventual escapes in the test development phases.

Having these DFT analyses as early as possible in your design phase it is a cost saving element, as later changing the design may require a lot of changes in the entire manufacturing and test flow at a much higher cost.