Teradyne ICT

Alfa Test the is the authorized partner of Teradyne (Teradyne Support Network Member) and is offering hardware support for the In Circuit Test Equipment in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Serbia with over 130 installed Teradyne test systems . Also we are responsible directly  for Teradyne sales in Romania , Bulgaria and Serbia.

Alfa Test is accumulating now over 10 years of experience in supporting the Teradyne systems. In addition we are developing test programs and fixtures, offering our customers complete and high quality support.

Teradyne is the market leader for In Circuit Test systems for over 40 years, including GenRad inheritance.


The TestStation

The TestStation system family is the in circuit test platform preferred by the vast majority of manufacturers for the testing of printed electronic boards.


TestStation Multi-Site

The TestStation Multi-Site provides true 2x-4x parallel test, delivering 200% to 400% greater productrivity, and 40% to 50% lower total cost of test. It is offering full support for analog & digital ICT, Functional Test system test and parametric validation.

TestStation Multi-Site Offline test systems featuring 2,560 test point capability, a sub 1 m2 footprint;

TestStation Multi-Site Teradyne

TestStation LH

The TestStation LH is the entry level system to the TestStation Product family. It is a lower cost, smaller footprint, feature scalable, system that can be configured with a variety of multiplexed and non-multiplexed pin cards and can be used in both low and high pin count applications up to 4096 pins.

The strength of the TestStation LH in-circuit tester lies in its ability to perform accurate, reliable, and safe powered-up testing of technologies other in-circuit testers cannot. Patented SafeTest protection technology and advanced test quality software features combine to make the TestStation LH system the industry’s most capable in-circuit test solution.

TestStation LX

The TestStation LX is Teradyne’s highest capacity in-circuit test solution. It can be configured with a variety of multiplexed and non-multiplexed pin cards and can be used in both low and high pin count applications from 3840 to 7680 pins. The TestStation LX system allows direct transfer of legacy GR228X and TestStation test programs and fixtures, preserving your test investments and providing maximum manufacturing test flexibility.

TestStation Spectrum Edition

The TestStation Spectrum Edition is a unique combinational in-circuit / functional test system that can lower overall costs and test times for manufacturers that prefer to combine functional and ICT test capabilities on a single system.

Spectrum provides the ability to plug commercial-off-the-shelf VXI instrumentation into the system, a high fidelity switching board for interfacing functional instrumentation to the test fixture, and a software programming environment that supports easy development and integration of both in-circuit and functional tests.