Functional Test Development Software

LabVIEW is graphical development environment that features interactive assistants, code generation, and can integrate virtually any measurement or test system. Some of the main benefits of using LabVIEW are:

  • Easy integrates with a variety of I/O hardware and software from both NI and third parties
  • More than 700 analysis toolkits and add-ons for measurement applications
  • Display indicators and controls provide developers with a board library of customizable components including charts, graphs and waveform displays.
  • LabVIEW can call into assemblies and third-party code module created in other programming language
  • Access to more than 10.000 drivers for third-party devices

Measurement and Automation Hardware

The NI hardware delivers modular and easy-to-use solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple data logging to high-performance automated test, industrial control, and advanced embedded control and monitoring.