Electrical test is a mandatory stage in production to avoid quality escapes that could cost 1000 times more once are detected by the end customer!

The electrical test on a Printed Circuit Board is a key point in the manufacturing process flow. The purpose of the electrical test is to give confidence that the products will meet the expected requirements in terms of functionality according to the initial design and specifications. By using electrical test, the manufacturing companies are able to separate good products from bad products,, identify the electrical defects, and correct them. Avoiding them to re-occur is a key fact in minimizing the production & repair costs.

Alfa Test has more than 12 years experience in providing electrical test solutions and associated services.In that time we delivered more than 300 flying probe test solution and 150 in-circuit test programs.

Our equipment portfolio include: Takaya Flying Probe, Teradyne In Circuit Test, XJTAG Boundary Scan, Marvin Functional Test and SMH solutions for devices In System Programming.

Our mentioned partners are worldwide market leaders in electrical test and together we can offer the right test solution for our customers, from multinational corporates with very big manufacturing volumes to small independent local companies.

We offer the complete range of services from installation and trainings to maintenance upgrades and calibrations. For the test solutions that require bed of nails interface, we have partnerships with several fixture houses from both Eastern and Western Europe. We are also open to integrate our solutions with any of our customers’ preferred fixture & automation supplier.

Alfa Test has the right expertise to provide a test solution tailored on products test requirements, production volumes, complexity mix and budget. As a result our customer benefit from an increased quality on their products, fewer field returns and competiveness of production costs.

Using our own Teradyne In Circuit Test equipment we are able to develop test programs, debug test fixtures and run stability and GR&R tests in our facility

Using our own Takaya Flying probe machines we can provide complete PCB test services on our premises with fast reaction time ( 1-5 days).