ASM Grid-Lok PCB Support

Alfa Test is the ASM distributor for Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia for the complete range of the solutions for the production challenges.

One of the industry’s most innovative technology developers, ASM Products has pioneered numerous simple — yet highly effective — solutions that solve longstanding electronics manufacturing problems. Founded in 1999, ASM’s products have had a vastly positive impact in the electronics marketplace.

We have launched the multi-award winning Grid-LokĀ® technology as well as Magna-PrintTM and DeFlexTM productivity solutions. But, our success speaks for itself, as ASM now boasts an installed base of over 5,000 systems worldwide.

Video: Grid Lok – General Overview

Grid-Lok Gold

ASM’s award-winning Grid-Lok GoldTM automatic substrate support technology provides electronics manufacturers with a robust alternative to costly and often problematic dedicated fixture plates. Set-up is remarkably fast – taking place in just seconds — after which pneumatically controlled pins raise and conform to printed circuit board topography, delivering unmatched support particularly for today’s densely populated and highly miniaturized products.

Grid-Lok Silver

Grid-Lok SilverTM is designed to accommodate assemblies of all types – from basic SMT through to high-density, highly miniaturized products. Put simply, it’s the most flexible PCB support on the SMT market, for the entire assembly process. Offering comprehensive support for board and stencil, Grid-Lok SilverTM takes our proven Grid-LokTM technology to new levels of flexibility for even better ROI.


In today’s high-mix manufacturing environments, it can be difficult to always have proper squeegee blades and blade holders on hand when it’s time for product changeover. And, if you do happen to have the right blades for the job, removing the old blades from the holder and replacing the new blades can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. That’s why ASM engineered Magna-Print, the universal blade holder system that solves these squeegee blade problems.

Video: Grid-Lok vs Magnetic Pins