Time to market and quality prediction are key facts today!

The continuing decrease of the time to market for the electronic products rise the needs for software tools able to reduce or eliminate the “back to blueprints” loops and to considerably speed up the New Product Introduction processes. This is the reason that standards and rules were defined for manufacturing and testing of the electronic products. From the test perspective, these rules are known as Design For Test methodologies or technics.

On the other hand, the variety of CAD software and also the variety of test systems on the market leads to a need for “universal” interface able to import data in different formats and output the data needed for the Automated Test Systems.

Therefore by using the software tools we are offering, our customer are able to identify the potential problems related products test from early phases of design, estimate the test coverage and define the right test strategy. Later on, during the NPI phase, the users are generating the test programs and the files for the fixture starting from the CAD, BOM and Schematics and at the end they can measure the test coverage achieved and identify the weak points of their test strategy, for proper actions.

By being able to handle various data format, having a proper test strategy and a clear and fast test development flow, our customers have a major advantage over their competitor in terms of products quality and production costs.

With Test Expert and Test Way software products we are able to achieve these goals and give us the possibilities to offer sophisticated NPI & DFT test services to our customers.