Volume Graphics

The Volume Graphics product line for industrial and scientific computer tomography consists of three software applications : VGStudio MAX, VGStudio and myVGL. VGStudio MAX is the most comprehensive tool, enabling the user to analyze, measure, segment and compare voxel data sets.

    Some of the VGStudio Max functionalities are :

  • Sub-voxel precise surface determination
  • Unsurpassed segmentation tools for the separation of materials and geometries within a data set.
  • Macro/batch processing
  • Powerful reporting options for the generation of detailed reports containing user-defined information for every measured feature
  • Coordinate measurement for 2D and 3D dimensioning (optional module), GD & T functionality
  • Nominal/actual comparison for comparison with CAD data, such as STEP, IGES (optional module) directly on the voxel data
  • Automatic discontinuity analysis for porosity/inclusion detection (optional module)
  • Wall thickness analysis (optional module)
  • Fiber composite material analysis (optional module)
  • High performance CT reconstruction (optional module)
  • Export of point cloud or mesh data (e.g. STL) for rapid prototyping and rapid engineering

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