The inspection technics needs to respond to the new challenges!

That because the complexity of the electronic components increase over time and also the density of parts mounted on PCB is also increasing, while the part physical dimensions are going smaller,. Apart of this evolution in design, in the same time it is always a need for fast inspection equipment able to keep up with the modern SMT manufacturing lines.

Today’s inspections equipment must offer a fast feedback for the products quality, detailed information for production inspection results and quality, must be easy to handle and program, price competitive, reliable and flexible. Alfa Test is offering a wide range of inspection tools and systems mainly for electronics industry, based on optical and radiography technologies.

Our portfolio include: Solder Paste Inspection, Pre and Post Reflow Optical Inspection, Desktop AOI, Endoscopes and Video microscopes, 2D X-Ray inspection systems, Computer Tomography systems and LED inspection systems. Our partners are leading companies in inspections technologies that developed the fastest, the more accurate, reliable and user friendly systems on the market.

Mirtec for AOI, GE Sensing for XRAY and Technolab for laboratory tools have a common strong point:   proprietary hardware technology and software for inspection developed in a period of more than 15 years.

All the systems are offered with a scalable package of options both hardware and software that is increasing the systems capabilities by adding new features for a more accurate and detailed inspection. These options include software packages for off-line programing, Quality control and analysis, data collection, tracking and storage from only one to multiple inspection stages.

For both inspection technologies solutions, we provide a wide range of services, such as commissioning and decommissioning, training, ramp-up support, spare parts, upgrades, technical assistance and consultancy.

We are also able to inspect the electronic boards for customers in small or big volumes  using our AOI and Xray systems.