Marvin Test

Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is a global producer of PXI and PC-Based test equipment, software and automated test solutions for the electronics industry.

Marvin Test’s products and services include PXI chassis and instruments, Test Executive and development software (ATEasy), test systems and integration services. Marvin Test’s customers include fortune 500 companies in the military / aerospace and civil market segments.


ATEasy – a versatile test executive and software framework for test, measurement, and data acquisition applications.

ATEasy makes it easy to create and maintain test applications by providing virtually every tool you need to develop and maintain software components—from instrument drivers to complex test programs to customizable test executives.


PXI Chassis

A broad line of 3U, 6U and combo PXI Chassis, instrumentation and controllers. With over 20 different chassis configurations, our Smart PXI chassis product line offers the industry’s widest selection and options for slot configurations, UUT interface options, system power, and embedded / external controller options.

Smart functions included:

  • Temperature monitoring and reporting
  • System power supply monitoring
  • PXI trigger mapping via software
  • Fan monitoring and control
  • Accessible via UI or API
Chassis families:

  • GX7600 – 9 x 3U PXI Slots
  • GX7300 – 20 x 3U PXI Slots
  • GX7100 – 7 x 3U PXI Slots and 7 x 6U Slots
  • GX7000 – 20 x 6U PXI Slots

PXI instrumentation

  • High- speed and static 3U PXI Digital I/O Instrumentation and 6U PXI Digital I/O Instrumentation. Offering test rates to 200 MHz and programmable logic levels of -10 V to +15 volts, our digital products feature the highest performance and most cost effective PXI digital test solutions in the industry.
  • Measurement instrumentation includes counter/timers, DMM, digitizers, and RF power analyzers. These products are offered in PXI; PCI and ISA bus formats are also available.
  • PXI Arbitrary Waveform and Programmable Function Generators as well as analog output modules. These instrument offerings, when combined with ATEasy, our chassis and other PXI component enable our customers to create and deliver compact, high performance test solutions for mixed signal and digital test application.
  • 3U PXI switching cards and 6U PXI switching cards including matrix, multiplexer, and RF multiplexer configurations. All Marvin Test switch cards feature easy to use, reliable, and integration friendly, D-sub style interface connectors – a feature unique to Marvin Test PXI switch cards.
  • High power, dual channel PXI Power Supplies as well as precision DC source instrumentation.
  • PXI Bus Expanders and PXI Interface Cards for both PXI and PXI Express interfaces.


GBAT – preconfigured PXI Systems used for testing components, modules, and systems. Marvin Test offers a broad range of PXI Test Systems including bench top, depot and production testers.

Each GBATS system is delivered with a system self-test which includes an interactive self-test software procedure as well as a self-test adapter. The self-test verifies functional integrity of the system and resource connections to the test system interface. The GBATS test system interface employs a unique design approach which allows customization of the system using any of the platform’s standard instrument options, without incurring the cost and design time typically associated with a customized functional test system.

  • TS-705  GBATS Basic Functional Test System
  • TS-710  GBATS Core Functional Test System
  • TS-720  GBATS Core Functional Test System with JTAG Boundary Scan
  • TS-730  GBATS Mixed-Signal Test System
  • TS-750  GBATS Digital Test System