Alfa Test is the distributor for de Technolab inspection tools in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. TechnoLab was founded in 1995 with the goal to help their costumers with all quality assurance and reliability control issues. Furthermore the innovative company operate a fully equipped laboratory for material investigations, failure analyses and technology development.

BGA Inspector

The BGA Inspector is a comfortable, easy-to-assemble system with XY-table and specimen holder which permits a fast and efficient positioning and inspection.

The different camera types available allow customizing image resolution. The widely adjustable high-power LEDs provide exact illumination of the inspection field. Front and back light can be adjusted individually and seperately. Locking brakes reduce the movement of the XY-table to one direction, if desired.


The EasyInspector is a portable high-resolution system for the visual inspection and consists of a high-resolution CCD-autofocus camera and a TFT screen.

One of its assets is that the user carries out the inspections in ergonomic working conditions: He looks straight at the inspection objects on the screen and can thus always keep his upright posture; and it is also possible for several persons to look at the inspected object at the same time, e.g. to discuss abnormalities.


The FlyInspector is a PC-independent system for the optical inspection and consists of a high-resolution CCD-autofocus camera mounted on a self-balancing arm.

The userĀ“s eyes do not risk overstraining anymore, because he looks at the inspection objects on a large screen instead of constantly peeping through an ocular.

The screen may be installed above or by the side of the working field and delivers an excellent image with its 24 mio. colors. The FlyInspector shows images in full HD resolution with 30fps and 2 million pixels on a respective screen. When used with a suitable framegrabber supporting this format, the images can be saved with the IMXpro software.